AYPA Annual 

Non-Profit Fair & Wine Tasting

May 31, 2017 6:00-8:00pm

It's that time of year again! AYPA is happy to announce the return of our Nonprofit Fair and Wine Tasting event at the Hotel Jerome on      May 31st from 6-8pm

Over 30 nonprofits will grace us with their presence to better inform attendees of their purpose, their needs, and their opportunities. Our valley has hundreds of nonprofits, so come meet participating ones that are making a difference in our valley and see how you can get more involved. To make the event even more exciting, each nonprofit will have a wine to taste. We look forward to having you at our favorite annual event!

Free for members | $15 for non-members

Want to showcase your Non-Profit at the event?

To reserve a non-profit booth for your organization, email president@aspenypa.org.

Participating non-profits must register in advance. 

Register Here

Interested in becoming an AYPA board member? We want to hear from you! Please email vp@aspenypa.org for information.

AYPA Goals
Business Development
To promote personal and professional development of AYPA members and to provide educational opportunities for growth.

Community Awareness and Involvement
To be a part of–and to give back to–the community in which we live and work.

To nurture a young professional community by providing opportunities to develop professional relationships.


AYPA on Tap! 

AYPA on Tap! is a new, quarterly social event which is open to AYPA members and non-members and is totally free!! It’s a great way to learn more about AYPA and meet new friends. Each event is held at a different location in town. 

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events. 

About Us

Aspen Young Professionals Association (AYPA) was formed in early 2003 by a group of nine young professionals living and/or working in Aspen who wanted to network with other young professionals in the Aspen community.

One of the goals of the group is to help recruit and retain a young, vibrant professional community in Aspen and the surrounding area. The high cost of living and limited opportunities for professionals in Aspen has contributed to what is often referred to as "brain drain" where educated, young professionals migrate to larger cities for better opportunities.

A second focus of AYPA is to enhance the quality of life for young professionals in this area by providing networking opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and educational opportunities. These professionals wanted to contribute to the community. Thus, from these objectives, a mission statement was derived.

Our Mission: Aspen Young Professionals Association (AYPA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating a young, vibrant, professional community in Aspen and the greater Roaring Fork Valley by providing opportunities in business development, networking, and community involvement. 

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